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Wish cancer didn't exist?!
Stop wishing.
Start doing.

Join the fight at www.gavinstrongfund.com where 100% of funds go to neuroblastoma research via Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

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Welcome, new followers! I wanted to update everyone on a quick and easy link to the Gavin Strong Fund for Neuroblastoma Research! The new link was made to redirect you to the above fund. It's much easier to write down and definitely easier to remember. Please feel free to share www.gavinstrongfund.com to get to the fundraising page. The other links to his personal website remain the same.

We're another day and another dollar closer to finding a cure to one of the most devastating childhood cancers... And the cancer that took my sweet Gavin!

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You have received a YouTube video!

This is OUR story, but we're not the only ones in this situation. Please join us in funding a new treatment or even a cure by visiting gavinstrongfund.com and helping any way you can. 100% of money raised to this fund will go to fund Neuroblastoma research.

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I cannot begin to express my gratitude to each and every person who has supported us, donated to Gavin's fund, prayed for us, or paid something forward in Gavin's honor. This is only the beginning of yet another "adventure" and I refuse to stop until these kids get new treatments, new data, and a CURE.

Reading about how Gavin has touched people's lives has been inspiring to myself and Chad. My boys did a random act of kindness nearly everyday. Once it became apart of our daily routine, it opened our eyes to so many needs, struggles, and demands.

Paying it forward can be done in millions of ways, but it does not have to involve money. You can register as an organ donor, give blood, plasma, hold the door for someone, tell someone you love them, invite someone to dinner in your home. Actually CALL someone and let them know that you are thinking of them (texting just doesn't count sometimes). Mow your neighbors lawn, smile at someone,invite someone to church, LISTEN, cook a meal for ...

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"I have an idea!" as Gavin would say to me... I have set a personal goal of funding that I would like to reach in honor of Gavin to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation via http://www.alexslemonade.org/campaign/gavin-strong-fund-neuroblastoma-research.

At first, I set an immediate goal but the more I thought about it, the more determined I got.  Gavin changed so many lives and inspired us all with his determination and mind set in such a short time.  If he had a say, he would tell me, "YOU CAN DO THIS!" in the most determined, and enthusiastic voice.  So, I hesitantly decided to share my goal with someone and they encouraged me to pursue it and let everyone else know as well...so here it is.

My goal is to raise $1 million dollars for Neuroblastoma Research, via the Gavin Strong Fund! 

Ridiculous? Hardly. Alex herself set a $1 million goal and surpassed that at her young age.  The thing is, I cannot do this alone.  I am so grateful of all of ...
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March 10, 2014 (late post)

My baby Gavin became CANCER FREE this morning at 7:03 a.m. I knew he could do it all along. He NEVER gave up... He didn't know how to- it was not in him. I want everyone to know that he DID receive his miracle, long ago.

I want Gavin remembered for his handsome smile, contagious laugh, and his witty personality. His love for video games, his iPad and movies. His passion for cooking, his positive outlook on life, his wisdom beyond his years. His compassionate soul, his willingness to forgive, his thankfulness of EVERY God given day, and the simplicity and realism he brought to so many lives.

Please join us in celebration by paying something forward in his honor. I will announce arrangement details later... They will be happening in Philadelphia.

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Let the funding begin! This is the link to donate to the Gavin Strong Fund for Neuroblastoma Research via Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Donate now or register to hold your own lemonade stand or event to support the Gavin Strong Fund for Neuroblastoma Research! I am proud to announce this new connection and it will be a permanent site to donate to Alex's in Gavin's honor and know exactly what 100% of your money is funding. Please share!


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Gavin's viewing will be Wednesday 3/12/14 in Ambler, Pennsylvania. The timing may vary slightly but the plan is to welcome friends and family to celebrate Gavin's life with us from 3 to 6 p.m.

We are very adamant that we do NOT wish to receive flowers, plants, blankets, etc. Instead, we have chosen a way that we can all give in Gavin's honor. We have carefully chosen Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to donate funds to support Neuroblastoma research specifically. I will have a web link and physical address where proceeds can be sent to and will post it as soon as possible.

The address for the viewing is 

Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home

145 Tennis Ave 

Ambler, PA 19002



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Gavin update:

Quick update to let you know Gavin is very comfortable and continues his incredible fight!

WE will never give up!

Gavin Strong!

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Gavin Update:

On Thursday 2/27/14, the day after getting the great news about his medication able to be altered... Gavin awoke to go to CHOP for his chemo treatment, only to discover he suffered a major stroke sometime in the early morning.

After a CT scan, we learned that Gavin had developed a brain tumor and he had active bleeding in his brain. After an educated discussion with his doctor, we decided the best option for Gavin was to help him be as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible.

He's comfortable. He's loved. He's peaceful. He's calm. He's in my arms. He IS GAVIN STRONG.

Please appreciate mine and our families lack of updates or responses while we focus on what's most important. Gavin.

Please pray for all of us to accept God's timing and to be as strong as Gavin through all ...

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